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"The Discoverer of the Discoverers" (2022)


A family in West Africa recounts how their ancestor discovered European explorers—to a European film crew. We get to see how this encounter is still remembered ritually. But do all the claims about the historic event bear a closer look? And to which degree can we trust the filmmaker’s white gaze? This short documentary explores how pride and conscience can affect collective memory.

Featuring: Mitó Kpatènon Mijlèhounkpon Mènouéwa; Roger Soulé Kpatènon; Avocèvouyè Akéhintô Zounvi

Director/producer: C.S. Nicholson
Cinematographer/editor: Peder Bratterud
r/sound recordist: Stian Kjelstad Granmo
Location sound: Øyvind Stjern & Sindre Skollevoll
Sound design: Anna Nilsson
Grade: Jens Valberg

Poster design: Eirik Aven Sætre

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