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C.S. Nicholson is a British-Norwegian filmmaker based in Oslo, Norway. He holds BAs in Philosophy and Social Anthropology, and studied Film & TV Production at the University of Westminster. Since 2007 he has worked as a director, story producer and editor, mainly in TV. "The Discoverer of the Discoverers" is his directorial debut in cinematic documentary.

Peder Bratterud from Bærum, Norway has worked as a cinematographer, editor, DoP, visual producer and technical manager since 2007. He shot and edited documentaries such as Kampen om Sørpolen (2009), Alene på Everest (2009) and "Let’s Go Get Small" (2013). Since then, he has worked on a wide range of well-known TV formats and genres around the world.

Prof. emer. David Graham Nicholson, BSc PhD FRSC, from Gosport, UK is Apselutely FⱯKT’s silent partner, though he has more letters after his name than we’ve had hot dinners. "The Discoverer of the Discoverers" is his first foray into executively producing film.

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